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Repairs & Maintenance Program

3 Simple Steps


The first step in the process will help us to reveal and inconsistencies and defects in the roofing surface. We apply premium cleaners to ensure we remove any and all debris from the surface giving us a clear visual allowing us to quickly and concisely inspect your roofing.


Inspection starts with a visual inspection of your entire roof. Typically beginning as an outline and working inward. Once we have completed the visual inspection, we will do some testing on any discovery items that appear in anyway concerning to us and prepare a plan accordingly.


Finally we will implement our plan and begin to repair or replace any areas that are in need of correcting. During this process we will isolate the areas then decide on a course of action repair / replace. Then systematically work through each area until corrected to the highest standards.

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Why White Roofs Drive Energy Costs Down

Highly reflective “cool” roofs are having their day in the sun. During the warmest weather, studies have indicated that they lower roof temperatures by up to 40% and decrease the amount of heat transferred into a building’s interior. That helps reduce energy needs for cooling, and using less energy not only saves money, it also reduces the amount of pollutants released into the atmosphere. Conklin Roofing Systems meet the very highest standards for energy efficiency.

A Benchmark® Performance Under the Toughest Conditions When the Florida Solar Energy Center decided to conduct a demonstration of the energy savings resulting from light-colored roofs, it looked for a product it believed would lower cooling costs during the hot Florida summer. The product it selected was Conklin’s Benchmark® roof coating. Benchmark was applied to the roofs of seven retail shops in a Cocoa, Florida, strip mall. The results of the demonstration showed a 25.3% average reduction in cooling energy among the seven shops. Individual savings ranged from 13% to 48%.

*The Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) is a measure defined by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory as the roof’s ability to reject solar heat, as shown by a small temperature rise. It is defined so that a standard black (reflectance 0.05, emittance 0.90) is 0 and a standard white (reflectance 0.80, emittance 0.90) is 100. Due to the way SRI is defined, particularly hot materials can even take slightly negative values, and particularly cool materials can even exceed 100. Source: Cool Roof Ratings Council

Conklin’s Cool Roofs Meet the Highest Standards for Reflectivity and Emissivity

These qualities result in a highly sustainable roof that:

• Reduces severe temperature fluctuations that cause thermal movement and stress

• Reflects damaging UV rays to help slow the aging process of the roof

• Lowers roof temperatures, reducing the rate of chemical breakdown

What Conklin Cool Roofs do for You

• Reduce air conditioning bills • Increase roof durability • Lower air temperature surrounding air conditioning unit • Help lower the heat island effect• Provide sustainable roofing systems • Reduce the amount of landfill waste by re-coating the existing roof

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